The Coupons tab shows the coupons attached with the campaign. Coupons are used for sales promotions and can be redeemed against an item purchased at the stores of specific brand. You can create a variety of coupons for a campaign. These coupons are sent through SMSs or emails.

Creating Coupon Series with Basic Settings

To create a new coupon series, do the following:

  1. In the Coupons tab, click +New Coupon.  
  1. In Coupon Series, specify a name for coupon series.  
  2. In Coupon Code, specify a code for the coupons. This code appears in the In-Store client when issuing coupons. 
  3. In the Discount box, first type the value of discount. Secondly, select the [Currency symbol] or %. Selecting the currency provides a fixed discount value (the brand's currency is automatically picked up based on the organization settings). Selecting the % option provides a discount based on the percentage of transaction value or line-item value. Thirdly, select the transaction value to provide discount on transaction amount or line-item value to provide discount on the item purchased. 
  4. Click Attach Coupon Series

Advanced Configuration for Coupon Series

After you have created a coupon with basic configuration, you can do an advanced coupon series configuration.

  1. In the Attached Coupon Series, click Edit.
  2. Configure the advanced settings by referring to the following table and then click Save.
Name * Specify a name for the current coupon series
Offer On Choose whether to provide discount on the entire transaction or at line-item level
Procedure at the POS-1 Discount, coupon and Pin Code can be used at Cashier/system generated voucher is used for POS 1
Procedure at the POS-2 Manually uploaded voucher codes/unused voucher codes/need to clarify more with delivery team 
Series Code * Specify a unique prefix for the current coupon series (unique per organization) 
Coupon Code * For client at the POS might use
Discount Select whether to provide a percentage off discount or a flat rate discount and enter the discount value accordingly
Coupon Message Set the message to be sent with the coupon
Mutual Exclusive Series When a customer is eligible for receiving two different coupons, you can block availing of coupon from the current coupon series by checking Mutual Exclusive Series. For example, if there is a coupon series 'A' with flat 50% off on purchase of more than $2000 and there is another coupon series 'B' with 10% off on purchase of more than $500. You set the coupon series 'B' as mutually exclusive to issue coupon from series B only when no other coupon is eligible for that same transaction. 
Expiry Strategy Value Set the validity of the coupons from the coupons created date. Campaign end date and coupon end date whichever is before will be selected as a part of the Expiry Strategy Value. For exampe, if you set the coupon expiry date to be 25th July 2015 and your campaign expiry date to be 20th July 2015 then campaign expiry date will be taken into consideration
Coupon Series Validity Expires On Set the expiry date of the current coupon coupon series. If you extend the validity of the campaign the validity of the respective coupon series also extend.For example, if a campaign validity is extended from July 15, 2015 to July 30 2015, the coupon validity will also be extended to July 30 even though the coupon series was set to expire on an earlier date (assume July 25). 
Valid Brands and Categories Select Brands and Categories for which the coupon is valid for redemption. For example, every operating unit has multiple brand in MAX like W, BIBA etc. And under all these brands their are categories and sub-categories. In MAX, under the brand 'BIBA' both short kurtis and long kurtis are available. Thus, you need to select the parent brand i.e MAX under it any child brand be it 'W', 'BIBA' etc and then selct the categories for setting the coupon validity redemption
Coupons Redeemable at Select the cashier terminal where the coupons of the current coupon series can be redeemed. If no Till is selected then the coupon can be redeemed in all your stores
Signal Coupon Redemption Event Needs to be Clarified 
Is the Coupon Series Transferable Enable this option to allow redeeming coupons even by non-recipients of the coupon. This can be used for bounceback campaign where a recipient can forward a coupon to his/her friends
Can anybody use the coupon  Enable this option to allow redeeming a coupon even by non-recipients of that coupon. For example if a customer 'A' received a coupon and wants to share the coupon to the customer 'B'. In such cases, customer 'B' can redeem the coupon only if this option is enabled
Can the coupon be redeemed more than once Enable this option to allow redeeming a coupon only once. This cannot be used for bounceback campaign
Can a customer redeem a coupon multiple times Enable this option to allow redeeming a coupon more than once per customer. For example there is a bounceback campaign with coupon SUMMER10 to get a flat 10% off on purchases made during that campaign period, this option needs to be enabled to provide flat 10% off on every transaction made by customers
Allow issuing more than one coupon per customer Enable this option if you want to allow issuing more than one coupon (of the current coupon series) to a customer. For example, you can keep sending a coupon to your customers at regular intervals throughout the summer sale
Resend existing coupon  Enable this option to allow resending active coupons to customers. Cashiers can resend available active coupons to customers through InStore. If 'Allow issual of more than one coupon per customer' is enabled, this option should be disabled
Is validation required to redeem coupon Only works if coupon is uploaded with the pin code
Is valid with discounted item Enable this option to also allow applying coupon on existing discountd items. However, this option is used only when the Discount is set to 'Item Level' (line-item level discount)
Disable SMS sending Enable this option to refrain from sending coupons via. SMS in bounceback campaign
Sync To Client Enable this option to allow synhronizing coupons issued to customers automatically to InStore. When this configuration is enabled, coupon data of those users registered at the store are sent to the client without the need for the client going online
Show Pin Code Enable this option to enable validation code for redeeming coupons of the current series. To use this, enable the 'Is validation required to redeem coupon' option
Limit max number of coupons to be issued Specify the maximum number of coupons to be issued from a particular coupon series. Suppose in a scenario where 1st 5000 customers comes and can make transactions are eligible for coupons
Limit max number of coupons that can be redeemed Set the maximum number of coupons (of the current coupon series) that can be redeemed. This should be always less than the number of issued coupons
Limit max number of coupons to be issued per customer Set the maximum number of coupons a user can receive for the current coupon series. Suppose in a scenario where 1st 5000 customers comes and can make transactions are eligible for coupons but the redemption will be per user
Set the validity of the coupons to be issued Set the minimum number of days between 2 successive coupon issues. For example if you set a window period of 7 days, coupon redemption can be done either on 1st day or on 8th day
Limit max number of times a customer can redeem the same coupon Set the maximum number of times a coupon can be redeemed per customer
Min Days Between Redemption For a coupon with multiple redemptions, set the minimum gap (in number of days) for two consecutive redemptions. Not applicable for coupons that can be redeemed only once
Schedule If the coupons need to be redeemed only on a specific day, schedule the redemption days using 'day of month', day of week' and 'hour of the day' combinations.For example you can choose your schedule for say 8th July, 4th day of 1st week and between 10.00 hours to 15.00 hours
Min Bill Amount Set the minimum transaction amount required to get eligible for redeeming the coupons
Max Bill Amount et the maximum transaction amount for which the coupon redemption is allowed. For example if you set the maximum transaction amount to be $5000 and if a customer makes a purchase of $5000, coupon redemption is possible
Redemption Valid From Set the date from when the coupons of the current series could be redeemed. For example if a customer gets a coupon on 7th July 2015 but coupon redemption date is set for 1st August 2015. In such cases, redemption will not be valid before 1st August 2015
 Set expiry reminder  Set SMS/email notification to intimate customers in advance about the coupon expiry. For example if a customer's coupon expiry date is 30th July 2015 an email/SMs notification should be sent prior to that date. Content will be same for all reminders and mode is already configured.

Uploading Coupons Manually

If you do not want to use auto-generated coupon codes, you can manually upload coupon codes using the following procedure.

After creating coupon series with basic configuration, do the following:

  1. Create a CSV file with the columns coupon code, PIN, and mobile number as shown below.

  1. On the selected campaign page, open the Coupons category and click the Edit button of the coupon you want to configure. 
The advanced coupon series configuration page appears.
  1. Click Upload Coupons.
The Upload Coupon page appears.

  1. Set Generate Automatic Coupon Code to No and configure other fields as mentioned in the advanced configuration procedure.
  2. In the Store Name box, select the store name from which the coupon is issued.
  3. Select the desired communication mode for the coupon: Mobile for SMS and Email for email message.
  4. Click Browse and navigate to the location where you have saved the CSV file and upload it.
  5. Click Next.
A preview of the CSV file appears.
  1. Click Upload.