The Data Import Framework lets you (InTouch users) subscribe your mobile number/email id for the status notifications related to import jobs. You can subscribe to receive profile level status notifications. You can also choose stages of an import job from which you wanted to receive notifications. For example, when data is imported into a temporary database, data import failed, data validation failed, data import job complete and so on. 

The status updates of the data import can be subscribed to an email id or mobile number.

To subscribe for data exchange notifications

  1. In Data Import, click Notification Subscription
  2. In the Subscribe for the drop-down box, choose All Profiles to subscribe for status notifications of all profiles or choose Select Profiles to add selected profiles. 

  1. In the Subscription Emails, enter email ids of recipients receive status notifications. To enter multiple recipients, separate each email id with a comma (,).
  2. In the Subscription Mobiles, enter mobile number of the recipients with country code. To enter multiple recipients, separate each number with a comma (,). 
  3. Set the subscription duration for receiving notifications in Subscribed from and Subscribed upto boxes.
  4. In the For Stages selection box, select from the various available stages and click add>>. Recipients will be notified of status updates for these stages. All the selected stages will appear on the right-hand side box.
  5. Click Submit.
  • To remove any added notification stage, select the stage on the right box and click <<remove.
  • Mobile numbers should be entered with country code.