New Release | Enhanced Drag-N-Drop Editor for Emails

Problem Statement

Many of our clients are heavy users of emails and want to leverage the email channel. Hence, clients have been requesting us to improve our email capability.


As a step towards that, we have released an enhanced version of the drag-n-drop editor. 

With this release, the previous version of the drag-n-drop editor is disabled automatically. However, there is no change in the process of creating email through "Upload Zip File". 

When you Create Using Editor, it opens the new enhanced drag-n-drop editor. 


Marketers can now create beautiful emails with ease in just three steps as mentioned in the following.

Step 1: Structure an email just by dragging and dropping rows. The following screenshot shows the structure of an email with five different types of rows dragged and dropped from the right panel.

Step 2: Add content block to each row, and then add content to the content blocks. 

The following screenshot shows, an image content block and text content block added to the first row, an image content block to the third row (1st column), and a text content block to the third row (2nd column).

Adding content blocks to each row

Adding content to the content block


  • Various types of content blocks are supported in the enhanced drag-n-drop editor such as Image, Text, GIFs, Stickers, Social, Menu, Dividers, etc.
  • There are provisions to get stock GIFs, Stickers and Images.
  • There are options to modify the width, padding, alignment, font, background colors, etc.

Step 3: Add Labels (dynamic tags) to personalize the content for each user (optional).

The following screenshot shows a tag, voucher_code, added to the content. These dynamic tags will be replaced with personalized information of the recipient such as name, points, and coupon code. To add a label, select a text > Select More > Add Label, > Select the label.

Just with these three steps, Marketers can very easily create beautiful and engaging email templates. 

Additional Features

The new drag-n-drop editor also comes with the following interesting features.

  • Hide on Desktop/Mobile: With this feature, marketers can define whether a content block should be shown in the Mobile/Desktop.
    •  In the below screenshot, the GIF content is hidden on Mobile. In the next screenshots, you can see this GIF block shows up in Desktop preview but not in the Mobile preview.

Desktop Preview

Mobile Preview

  • Pre-defined Templates: In the new drag-n-drop editor, there are many predefined templates available. The marketers instead of starting from scratch can make use of these templates, modify them as per their requirements and use them. 

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