Insights + Releases | Credit Ledger Report

We have released a new version of the credit ledger report that gives an overview of the credits (added, removed, and consumed) on Loyalty+ and Engage+.

Some key components of enhanced Credit Ledger Report.

  1. Opening and Closing balance of the credits for a given period.

  2. Month Wise breakup of consumption of credits in the given period.

  3. Day wise breakup of consumption of credits in each month.

  4. Segregation between transactional and promotional messages along with Channel (SMS or Email).

    1. Transactional messages are shown as High priority and don't have a name. These messages are reported cumulatively by day for each channel.

    2. Promotional messages are Bulk Priority and segregated by the campaign name consuming the credits. These messages are reported by campaign and day.

  5. Addition and Removal of credits by Capillary finance team. If credits are added or removed by the Capillary finance team, they are reported as separate line items with types as Added or Removed.

For more details, see the detailed release notes.

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