CDP Integration with EI - Reporting and Analysis (Embedding Databricks Notebook into EI)

Publish CDP reports on EI now


EI now supports reports with CDP integration so that you can perform complex reporting and analysis.With EI, you can now automate the process of sharing reports with your customers. The setup can be done in a few hours which took a few weeks earlier. Deploy custom AI models on CDP and view the reports with seamless integration.

How to enable it?

  • Shortlist the notebook to embed (a new notebook can be built for new analysis within a few hours)

  • Get the notebook path

  • Generate URL for embedding

  • Go to Insights+ and create a report under “external”

  • Enter the URL and puth authorization as capillary_notebook

  • Click preview

  • The report will render and you can save the report


  • Quick Turnaround Time

  • Increased scope of reports that can be published on EI

  • Move on from PPT, Sheets, etc and directly use CDP reports

Need more info?Find it here or ask our champions - Rohan and Jyotiska

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