Insights+ | Enhancements in KPI specific time period comparison & Custom time period

Release Date: March, 2020

Tracking and comparing KPIs over time is an essential business requirement. Most frequently used method to visualize these numbers is to show the same KPI for different time periods side by side. This was already possible on EI but with some limitations like there was no option to select the time period specific to individual KPIs. Time periods selected were applicable for all the KPIs in the chart. This used to create unnecessary fields on the chart. Also, compare option was limited to some predefined time period relative to the report end date only. 

Now, with new features released recently, EI supports most of the use cases around time period comparison.

  1. KPI specific time period

    1. This feature allows the user to select the time periods specific to individual KPIs within a chart.
    2. You can access this only in chart explore mode only.

    3. You can select time periods for specific KPI using the respective KPI from the dropdown.

  2. Custom time periods 

    1. Feature enables the user to define custom time period relative to Report time period(RTP).

Custom time period can be defined relative to the Report start date or report end date.

If you want to make any changes permanently, make sure that you are in the report edit mode.




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