Engage+ - Points Redemption in Decimals

Configurations and Setup

There are two configurations related to points redemption in decimal.

  1. Enable points redemption in decimals.
  2. Configure points redemption strategy.

Enable points redemption in decimals

A  new configuration is provided to enable points redemption in decimal.  This is disabled by default; so there will not be any impact on the  existing implementation. To enable this option, navigate to Organization Settings > Miscellaneous > Points Management, and check Allow Redemption in Decimal Places.

Points redemption configuration

Once  the configuration is enabled, configure the points redemption strategy -  create a new one or update existing - to support points redemption in  decimal. 

  • Allow redemptions in multiple of now supports decimal values.

Member Care updates for points redemption in decimals

Member Care now shows points related information in decimals.

APIs show points information in decimals

The  decimal points are shown in GET APIs that retrieve customers’ lifetime  points, current points, redeemed points, points on a transaction, etc.  The number of decimal places will be the same as the number of decimal  places supported by the program.) When points redemption in decimal is enabled, both IsRedeemable and Redeem APIs  will support points redemption in decimal without truncating the  decimals to the whole number (which is the existing behavior). The  number of decimal places supported in redemption will be the same as the  number of decimals supported by the program. If the number of decimals  passed in IsRedeemable and Redeemable APIs are more than the number  supported by the program, the redemption APIs will give an error.

Points Tags - Existing Behavior and Upcoming Changes

The  points communication tags including current points, lifetime points,  points on event, etc. display points information in decimals. The number  of decimal places in the tags is the same as the number of decimals  supported for the program. This behavior will continue even when the  redemption in decimal configuration is enabled.
Currently,  the points communication tags use round-off of points value e.g. for a  program that supports a single decimal, 200.35 current points will be  sent as 200.4 in communication. This creates inconsistency in points  information when compared with API and Member Care, which display floor  of points value.To address this inconsistency and providing flexibility in communication, we are making below changes:

  • Adding new tags to display points value in whole numbers (to support programs that don’t use decimal redemption)
  • Changing  behavior of existing points tags from round-off to floor (except  redeemed points and points reversed tags which will display actual  decimal places)

Points Currency Tags - New Functionality and Upcoming 

The points currency tags including current points currency, lifetime points  currency, points on event currency, and redeemed points currency  include 2 decimal places. To support different types of currencies, we  have added a new configuration. The new configuration is to define the  number of decimal places for the base currency. So for an Org if the  number of decimal places for base currency is set as 3, point currency  tags will include 3 decimals. (The default value of the base currency is  2 decimal places.)The new configuration on decimal places for base currency is available on Org Currency Setup screen ({inTouch URL}/org/setup/Profile?flash=&step_name=org_currency). This configuration is currently used only for points currency tags.

In addition to the changes mentioned above, we are also making changes to  bring consistency to points currency tags. Similar to points tags, we  are making the below changes:

  • Adding new tags to display points currency value in whole numbers
  • Changing behavior of existing points currency tags from round-off to floor

Please DM me if you have any queries on the released functionalities or upcoming changes to communication tags.

For more information, see the attached document.

As mentioned in the release note, we have released the changes that bring consistency in decimal handling of loyalty communication tags. Below is the summary of decimal handling in loyalty tags. The decimal handling is the same across Loyalty EventView events and expiry/downgrade communication.

Tags with Actual Number of Decimals passed in the Request (irrespective of the configuration)

  • Points redeemed
  • Points transferred
  • Redeemed points reversed

Tags with Decimals as per Program Points Decimal Configuration (floor to nearest decimal)

  • Points on Event
  • Current Points
  • Lifetime Points
  • Bill Points
  • Points Expiring
  • Any other points tag in loyalty

Tags with Decimals as per Base Currency Decimal Configuration (floor to nearest decimal; default is 2 decimals)

  • Points on Event Currency
  • Current Points Currency
  • Lifetime Points Currency
  • Bill Points Currency
  • Points Expiring Currency
  • Any other points currency tag in loyalty

New Tags without Decimals (floor to nearest whole number)

  • Points on Event Int
  • Points on Event Currency Int
  • Current Points Int
  • Current Points Currency Int
  • Lifetime Points Int
  • Lifetime Points Currency Int
Currently, platform supports only comma (,) as the decimal  separator, it doesn't support dot (.) as decimal separator. So loyalty programs in the countries that have dot (.) as the decimal separator  should use Int tags. Depending on the requirement, the dot (.) tags will be included in the roadmap

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